FiveM Releases

These are some of my most popular releases related to FiveM. For a full list of all my releases, checkout my profile page on the FiveM forums by clicking here.

Simple /car Command
/car forum topic

Nothing yet


These tools/docs are useful for FiveM resource developers, or GTA V mod creators. If you're just a player, then there's probably no useful information here.

GTA V Driving Style Calculator

Simple tool to calcluate the driving style you need for a specific driving task.

GTA V Scaleform Functions Reference

This is a collection of almost all scaleform functions and their "known" parameters from the decompiled scaleform scripts.

GTA V Player Stats

A list of known player stats. Note: this list is generated using a script, and probably contains some incorrect items.

GTA V Particles List

Collection of all particle names and the corresponding particle dictionary names.

FiveM Players Online

A simple graph + table showing the history of Online Players on public FiveM servers for the past 4 days.

GTA V Draw Text Colors

A simple tool allowing for basic "rendering" of text colors using the ~(...)~ color codes in functions like DrawText() in GTA V.

vMenu Permissions Generator

Simple web form that generates (a part of) a permissions.cfg file for you by simply checking/unchecking checkboxes.


GTA V Blip icons & ID's. You should use the blips reference on the FiveM docs instead, that contains all sprites and their names as well. For that reference, click here.


Parachute styles & smoke trail colors. Including labels for both the names and descriptions of all parachute styles & smoke trail variants. As well as RGB values for each smoke trail color.

About Me

Hi! I'm Tom, aka Vespura. I'm an IT student from the Netherlands. Pretty much love everything related to computers. I've always been a fan of just messing around and creating new things. Almost all of my most recent projects are related to FiveM. You can find those projects on my GitHub page. Just look at the #Releases section above or click the GitHub link in the navbar.

You can also find me on the FiveM forums, all my FiveM releases are announced and maintained there anyway. Click here to view my profile page on the FiveM forums.

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